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$VENOM will be listed on exchanges on 25th of March
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Dynamic sharding
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Your Venom Wallet
Access your non-custodial Venom wallet seamlessly on laptops and PCs with our browser extension, or on the go with our easy to use mobile app. Available on your App Store.
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A Blockchain Without Boundaries

Our Mission is to build a Blockchain that will function as the main infrastructure for a global ecosystem of Web3 applications, possessing ultra-fast transaction speeds and infinite scalability to meet the demands of an ever-expanding user base.
Build your decentralised application in minutes on an asynchronous blockchain with a global use case application
Explore Web3 without constraints with our fast, user friendly, low cost blockchain hosting a variety exclusive decentralised applications
Venom Ecosystem
Start to explore a wide variety of Decentralized applications on the Venom network.
What are the opportunities?
An ecosystem full of potential for innovative solutions.
Blockchain For Developers
The Venom Blockchain has plenty of unique features that differentiate it from other blockchains.
Venom Blockchain is built on the Threaded Virtual Machine (TVM). TVM provides a highly efficient and scalable way to handle account interactions in the Venom Blockchain. By utilizing the Actor model, TVM can isolate and parallelize actors, allowing for the efficient handling of complex distributed systems. This makes the dynamic sharding protocol further groups account into shards, improving efficiency and enabling contracts to execute in an asynchronous mode.
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Use Cases
Venom is a versatile and innovative blockchain that offers a range of use cases across various industries.
DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) are organizations that run on a blockchain network, where decisions are made through a voting system that's open to anyone who holds the organization's tokens. This means that members have a direct say in how the organization operates, without needing a central authority to make decisions for them.Some use cases for DAOs include managing community projects, creating decentralized investment funds, and even running online social networks.
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Frequently asked
General about Venom
What is the Mission of Venom Foundation?
The mission of Venom Foundation is to bring transparency and innovation to the industry as a leading global blockchain company. We aim to provide infrastructure for governments and web3 projects while empowering emerging economies in the Middle East and North Africa with our unique technology.
Can I use my Metamask wallet with Venom?
Is the Venom Blockchain EVM compatible?
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